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Diane Grinnell, LICSW, LSP

Diane sees clients ages 2+ for assessment and treatment of mood, anxiety, and behavior disorders. She also specializes in PTSD, Spot Training, ASD, OCD, SPMI, and eating disorders. 


Diane Grinnell has three state board certified licenses as a LICSW, Licensed School Psychologist, and Licensed School Social Worker. She is also an ordained pastor, and is Reiki certified. Diane works with children, adolescents,  and adults; individuals and couples; and also provides play therapy and marriage and family therapy. 


Diane has traveled and worked globally, and has developed several day treatment programs serving individuals living with mental health challenges. She has been trained in DBT, CBT, trauma therapy, Spot training (similar to EMDR) and several other strategies.  Diane has personal and professional experiences with culturally diverse populations. She has worked with the NFL and other professional athletes supporting their unique challenges both during and after their athletic careers.  Diane has been invited to speak on television, radio shows, and has presented on various mental health topics throughout the country. She has also been preparing a few articles for publication.


Diagnostic Assessments, Psychological Testing, Adjustment Disorders, ADHD, Anxiety & Mood Disorders, Trauma, Grief & Loss, ASD & Sensory Integration, Eating Disorders, Transpersonal Work, SPMI, and OCD.

Accepted Payments

Blue Cross/Blue Shield (BCBS), United Healthcare (UHC), U Care, Medica, BHP


In-Person and Telehealth


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