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When meeting in person isn't possible, many of our providers offer video-conferencing services to promote safety, sustain continuity of care, and maintain accessibility and convenience.

Each provider at Aslan Institute operates independently, so please reach out to verify their specific policies regarding telehealth services and COVID-19. 

A person meeting someone on a laptop for telehealth therapy in a comfortable office
Blue-grey circle reminiscent of a wave
Blue-grey circle reminiscent of a wave

Despite their convenience, telehealth appointments may lack a feeling of intimacy that in person appointments provide. Online appointments may lead to more distractions, and are susceptible to faults with technology or disruptions with internet connection.

Telehealth appointments enable you to access therapy from the safety and comfort of your own home, from any device. Engaging in therapy online also allows you more freedom to schedule appointments during your break at work.



COVID-19 Policies at Aslan Institute

We place high value on the health and safety of our clients and providers, which is why we've adopted on-site procedures for COVID-19 based on state and federal health recommendations. Safety is paramount to cultivating a healthy life, both internally and externally.

We recommend that all clients and clinicians who attend in-person meetings at Aslan Institute be vaccinated against COVID-19. Should any symptoms of illness arise, please speak with your provider about transitioning to a telehealth appointment or rescheduling.

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