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Internships and Supervision

Aslan Institute offers a unique opportunity to build your private practice from the ground up while being supported by a clinical supervisor and experienced providers.

Why Supervision at Aslan?

Central to our approach is an emphasis on developing self-awareness.

What to Expect in Supervision

Supervision is the process of examining your own assumptive world. Your personality and way of being in the world is colored by your socialization, experiences, culture, gender, orientation, race, color and class, to name just a few influences. This means that your view of Reality is very limited. It means you are filled with assumptions, biases, blockages and limitations and unresolved issues and suffering of your own.

The more aware you are of your own limited humanity, the clearer you will be in accurately understanding and having empathy for the condition of the clients that come to see you. Without a dedication to your own path, your own growth in awareness and your own evolutionary process, expansion and deepening, what you have to offer in terms of compassion and wisdom will be limited.


Supervision is the process of examining your own feelings, needs, defenses, beliefs and thoughts that are the limited lens through which you interpret others. Supervision is the clearing of your lens - dealing with your counter-transference to your clients.

-Lyndall Johnson

President and Founder of Aslan Institute

Benefits of Being an Intern at Aslan

Join our team at Aslan Institute and discover the many benefits of working with us as an intern seeking supervision. We offer ongoing professional development opportunities, access to a supportive community, and the potential to build your own private practice. Our collaborative environment is dedicated to providing high-quality holistic mental health and wellness services to our clients. Some of the many benefits our Interns have reported, include opportunities to : 

  • Build your own Private Practice

  • Create your own flexible schedule

  • Ability to provide Telehealth and In-Person therapy

  • Weekly Case Consultation Meetings with Aslan Providers

  • Collaborate with Team of Aslan Providers

  • Create and Provide Workshops

  • Create and Lead Groups

  • Ongoing Professional Development through Aslan's Training Institute

  • Experience a sense of Community with Providers Committed to their own Personal and Professional Growth

Meet Our Clinical Supervisors

At Aslan Institute, we are committed to providing you with a comprehensive training and supervision experience.
Our supervisors are experts in their field, with a focus on increasing awareness of inner and interpersonal dynamics, and teaching how to work with transference and countertransference dynamics. They also possess a multicultural competence which allows them to be aware and respectful of cultural differences and identities. 

Eloise Headshot_edited.jpg

Licensed Psychologist


Cindy Lou Fischer-Hancock, LMFT


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