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Aslan Training Institute

Workshops & Courses

Workshops & Courses

Aslan Training Institute offers both in person and online workshops and courses, which are designed to promote your mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical health and wellbeing. Our teachings focus on inner growth, self-awareness, and aim to bolster personal therapeutic work and professional development.


We offer a range of courses on topics such as re-parenting, attachment, boundaries, shame, trauma, and nutrition to help you better understand and heal yourself, and improve your relationship with yourself and others.

Come and discover your true nature, expand your awareness, and connect with others in a safe and supportive environment.

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"If we wish to create peace, love and joy here on earth, then we must awaken and deepen to this within ourselves. Only then will it genuinely and authentically ripple out into the world spontaneously and without effort."

- Lyndall Johnson



Image by Dominic Sansotta

Saturday Morning Forum

Up Next: February 3, 2024, 9:30am - 11:30am via Zoom ($25)

Challenging personal situations? Getting triggered by life? The two-hour Saturday Morning Forum is a great and safe group setting to find some keys and tools to unlocking our past to help our own growth and skillfully negotiate our future and our own evolution in consciousness.


Explore concepts using movie clips, exercises, discussion and teaching to facilitate a deeper understanding of commonly used terms - such as shame, co-dependency, narcissism, boundaries and more - as a way of speeding up and facilitating the process of therapy. All are welcome. Join us!


Facilitators: Lyndall Johnson & Charisse Lyons


Sacred Hymn Workshop

Up Next: March 2, 2024, 9:00am - 12:00 pm at Aslan ($100)

You are the word of Spirit, if you learn to listen deeply. But to develop this practice of inner listening first requires recognizing resistance and learning to surrender.

At the Sacred Hymn Workshop, Charisse Lyons and Lyndall Johnson will co-facilitate a time of learning, sharing, and practice with a focus on the inner seeing and listening required to know when to resist and not surrender, and when to meet resistance with surrender.

This is a workshop intended to open a pathway in life that sees clearly and listens internally, even when what is external is so confusing. Come experience the practice of Sacred Sound, and in this time of sharing expand your own practice of hearing and creating within the deepest parts of your being.

Join us for a morning of rich inner exploration as we learn to listen to what arises from deep within when we are connected to the deepest and most expansive experience of ourselves. All are welcome!

Facilitators: Lyndall Johnson & Charisse Lyons

Image by Laura Smetsers

Mindfulness Practice Groups

Up Next: February 10, 2024, 9:30am - 11:30am, via zoom (freewill offering, suggested donation $50)

Our informal Mindfulness Practice Groups feature both meditation and instructional, supportive teachings and discussion about mindfulness, meditation, and contemplative spiritual practice in everyday life. These groups are facilitated by Bussho Lahn, the guiding teacher of Flying Cloud Zen, and all are welcome to these brief immersions in a relaxed meditative setting. Each is different and tailored to the group’s needs. Previous meditation experience not required; meditators of all levels and all faith traditions are invited.


Facilitator: Bussho Lahn

Bussho Lahn, spiritual director at Aslan Institute

Spring Forest Qigong

Mondays, 6:30-7:30pm via Zoom (6 sessions/$49)

Christy Lovlie has been generously offering her Spring Forest Qigong classes and retreats here for years and is a valued member of the Aslan family. Good for those who like a mix of qigong movement and longer meditation time:

30 min Variety of Qigong Healing Movements and Techniques 

30 min Meditation Focus (relieve stress and balance emotions)

Christy Lovlie is a Certified Spring Forest Qigong Master Healer and Instructor. She is the creator of QiVitality™ “Qigong for Everyone.” Since 1996 she has helped thousands of people learn to awaken their innate ability to heal themselves through energy balancing sessions, classes and retreats. Christy is highly respected in her field and received an Outstanding Achievement Award at the 2014 International Healing Conference.

Facilitator: Christy Lovlie

Christy Lovlie, qigong instructor
Image by Håkon Grimstad

Evolution of Consciousness

Periodically throughout the year; Parts I & II: $295 each

With an understanding of the evolution of consciousness in the context of human development, Lyndall and Eloise will guide you through the process of identifying and assessing states and stages of consciousness in your personal and professional life. We offer cutting-edge frameworks, integral maps, best practices, and experiential practices for mind-body-spirit to help you and your clients advance to the next stage of consciousness.

Part I: The Teachings

Part II: The Practices

Facilitators: Lyndall Johnson & Eloise Erasmus



The following courses are developed to support your personal and professional growth and wellness. You will get unlimited, online access with the opportunity to earn CEUs. Each course allows for the option of self-guided or expert-guided:

  • Self-guided ($250): All materials, including teachings and self-reflection exercises, will be provided. Complete the course at your own pace.

  • Expert-guided ($500): All materials, including teachings and self-reflection exercises, will be provided. In addition, you will receive live, personalized support and feedback throughout the 6-month curriculum.

The Truth, Reconciliation and Forgiveness course was immensely helpful to me because it helped me see what I can do about the judgment and hatred in the world. I feel more hope in the midst of a planet at war with itself everywhere I look. And this hope comes from learning how to heal these things IN MYSELF.

I am deeply grateful for this class.

- Catherine Wilson, MN

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