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Dylan Lyons, MA, LPCC

Dylan specializes in and is passionate about working with adults who seek to understand, process, and heal from childhood trauma. He also specializes in empowering parents to deepen their awareness and ability to respond lovingly to challenges that arise in parenting.


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I specialize in working with adults who seek to understand, process, and heal from childhood trauma. Trauma experienced in childhood can have lasting effects on self-perception, relationships, and feelings of safety. As children, we absorb messages without the ability to discern their truth, leading to harmful beliefs about ourselves, such as feeling worthless, like something is wrong with you, or feeling guilty and deserving of mistreatment. These messages can profoundly impact our adult lives, often affecting how we relate to ourselves, our family members, our jobs, and others in our lives.

Do you struggle to view yourself in a positive light? To find joy in life? Do you find it challenging to maintain healthy relationships or set boundaries? Do you feel unsafe or insecure even in safe situations? Are you often angry, scared, or unmotivated without understanding why? These are common struggles when living with unresolved trauma.

Taking the courageous steps to begin processing and healing from trauma can transform your life. Understanding and healing from past experiences and negative beliefs can lead to healthier relationships, stronger boundaries, and a more loving self-view. I provide a welcoming, warm, and comfortable space for discussing some of life's most painful experiences. Whether it's your first time in therapy or you've had years of it, I am here to support you on your journey.

Dylan also provides specialized support for parents aiming for growth in themselves and their parenting. Not only does he have extensive clinical knowledge regarding complexities of parenting, but he also knows firsthand that parenting is a mix of joy and challenges. Drawing on his clinical expertise, as well as his own experiences as a dad, he connects with the wide spectrum of emotions that come with raising kids. Understanding and managing your feelings is key to lovingly caring for and guiding your children. Dylan focuses on self-awareness and a kind approach to oneself. In his one-on-one therapy sessions, he creates a safe environment for parents to deepen their emotional insights, enhancing their parenting experience.


Trauma, Parenting,, Anxiety, Depression

Accepted Payments

Blue Cross/Blue Shield, out-of-network with all other insurances, private pay option, sliding fees available


Telehealth only

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